Nadya Beauharnais-Feigelson has been successfully teaching violin for more than thirty years. Her students are frequently noted at the local and state auditions.
    The name of famous Russian composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky seemed to follow Mrs. Feigelson throughout her life. She was born in Moscow, Russia but spent her childhood in the Siberian town of Votkinsk, the birthplace of Tchaikovsky, where she started to study violin at the age of six. She completed her musical studies at the Sverdlovsk Academy of Music and had also majored in History and Archeology at University of Perm. Mrs. Feigelson gave her first violin lesson when she was only 18 years old and quickly established herself as a talented teacher. In addition, she was hired to do research at the museum of P.I.Tchaikovsky in town of Klin, near Moscow. Mrs. Feigelson performed with several orchestras and published articles about musicians and composers at leading newspapers and magazines. She is also an accomplished artist. Her paintings can be seen at:
     Nadya met her future husband, cellist Josef Feigelson in Moscow while reporting on the up-coming 1974 Tchaikovsky International Competition. They emigrated to the United States in 1981. Their younger son Eugene is also a performing violinist. He started early studies with his mother, and later graduated from the renowned Eastman School of Music.
Nadya Feigelson (on the left) playing as a student at the Tchaikovsky School-Museum in Russia (1966) After a public performance (1985)
Attending group of young students (1999)