Israel Feigelson in 1955
Alfred in Verdi's La Traviata
Gerrald in Lakme by Delibe (1955)
Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann (1957)
Count in Rigoletto (1955)
In a company of Gennady Rozhdestvensky
and Bella Rudenko after the Verdi
Tel-Aviv, Israel (1986)
After a recital in 1958
In a title role in Lohengrin by Wagner (1956)
Caring for the bust of his beloved hero. tenor Richard Tucker in NYC,
and during a trip to Washington, D.C. with his older son, Yosif (1984)
YOSIF FEIGELSON                                 RAFAEL FEIGELSON
Mozart & Beethoven

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Dargomyzhski's Mazepa (1955)
Don Jose in Bizet's Carmen with
Laima Andersone
Vodemon in Tchaikovsky's Iolanta with
Elfrida Pakule
Beethoven's 9th symphony with Hans Fricke
and the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra
During an American debut (1982)

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             The acclaimed opera and concert singer, widely known for his uniquely large and deep tenor voice, Israel
Feigelson was born in Riga, Latvia in 1921 into family of a chocolate merchant. During a Second World War, his
entire family was sent by the Soviet authorities to Siberia. Mr. Feigelson was able to return back to Riga in 1947
and studied at the Latvian Jazep Vitol Conservatory from 1949 to 1952. Leading tenor at the Riga Opera from 1952
till 1963. From 1963, Mr. Feigelson performed in concerts throughout Latvia, across former Soviet Union, Eastern
Europe, and even as far as Mongolia. In 1979, the singer and his family (wife Dina, violinist and son Rafael,
percussionist) emigrated to Israel. Mr. Feigelson continued to appear regularly till his last days in recitals featuring
both classical and Jewish music.
            Mr. Feigelson sang major parts in operas as Don Jose (Carmen), Gerrald (Lakme), Lohengrin (Lohengrin),
Hoffmann (Tales of Hoffmann), Count (Rigoletto), Alfred (La Traviata), Count Di Lerm (Don Carlos), Vodemon
(Iolanta), and many others. He also appeared as soloist in the Requiems of Mozart, Verdi and Liszt, the Stabat Mater
of Pergolesi and Dvorak, Haendel's Messiah, Beethoven's 9th Symphony, and much more. Overall, Mr. Feigelson
performed with 36 orchestras and 52 conductors, including Kurt Sanderling, Gennady Rozhdestvenski, Neeme Jarvi,
Kirill Kondrashin, Gunther Herbig, Boris Khaikin, Hans Fricke, and others.
As Don Jose in a final act of Carmen.
Drawing by Yosef Kuzkovsky
After the concert with conductor Edgar
Tons and other soloists with
Riga Radio
Orchestra (1973)
Prokofiev's War & Peace
25th anniversary solo recital at Riga
Philharmonic Hall (1977)
After the concert with pianist Rima Bulle
and mezzo soprano Ilga Tiknuse

Main operatic parts performed at Riga Opera  (1952 - 1963)
Drawing from unknown artist made
during one of the appearances